Workshops for 2018

Business Courses

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Bringing puppetry into the work place helps participants to step outside of cerebral thinking and try something different. This creative way of looking at solutions to your business issues, provides a platform for both personal and professional growth. Your team will feel a new sense of belonging to your company, alongside trying a fresh approach to every day issues and idea forming.

Value Added Mascots
A workshop where participants explore personality types through puppet characters (not everyone is a Muppet) and then build puppet mascots that reflect business values. Choosing where the values sit in the puppet is up for debate, as long as each group can showcase their decisions. Once the overall winner mascot is chosen, the team can decide where the other puppets can find a home locally - be it a school, care home or another relevant local resource.

Personal Responsibility within the Workplace
Using a combination of role play, dramatic scenarios, discussion points, puppetry demonstrations and activities we create a light-hearted and poignant space to reflect on individual roles within the workplace. Can one person's behaviour affect another's day? Can we be a positive influence both to our inner dialogue and our interactions with others? How can we be an advocate for what our work represents within the company? This process is both enjoyable and effective.