Workshops for 2018

Living History Workshops

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From September 2016, we have been working with Gill Whitten on these interactive and educational projects. Please contact us to make a booking for your primary school.

Egyptians - living and dying in ancient Egypt. The children examine the clothing, handle artifacts and visit the embalming house to discover how bodies are preserved. Stories of gods and beliefs alongside a burial ceremony, make this a thought provoking and interactive workshop.
Ancient Greece - we travel back in time to a market place in ancient Greece where we meet a storyteller who weaves myths and legends into tales of everyday life.
Romans in Britain - a Celtic woman describes the Roman occupation and the resistance of Boudica. A drama session reinforces what life was like in Roman times.
Anglo Saxons - Eaelswyth welcomes children to her time and tells them of her life and beliefs. Everyday objects are examined and the story of Beowulf is dramatised with puppetry.
Vikings - we follow a lady emigrating to Jorvik aboard a Viking ship. We learn of her hopes. culture, religion and explore the rich heritage of the epic stories.
The Tudors - Lord and Lady Margaret have received a message from London - Queen Elizabeth is due to arrive at their home on an official visit. She has ordered William Shakespeare and his performers to provide the entertainment, but where is he and can we all save the day? With puppets, costumes and artefacts, this interactive workshop is a fun but informative way to delve into Elizabethan life.
The Victorians - Granny Thompson introduces her grandchildren and tells us about their lives, compared them with lives of a rich household nearby. An artefact handling session completes this workshop.