Workshops for 2018

Adult Workshops

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Puppetry and drama are for all ages and abilities. If you haven't found what you are looking for already, you will definitely find it here.

Basic Puppet Making and Manipulation
This half day session provides participants with all the skills they need to use puppetry in their respective environments. The participants learn design, create their own puppets and are taught basic manipulation skills.

Large Puppet Making and Performing
This day course includes a demonstration of puppetry skills and relevant experience of working large foam puppets in group scenarios. Each participant is given the opportunity to design and create a foam, or material puppet to be used in their working environment, or just for fun.

Improvisation Into Puppetry
This is a lovely way to work with puppets. This workshop makes a great INSET session. We can show you how to bring puppets to life within your own setting and circumstances. You will leave the session with the confidence to make puppetry work for you.

Reminisce – a workshop for the older generation
Participants are encouraged to indulge in enjoyable recollections of past events with our team. We offer opportunities to bring the past back to life through artefacts, song, storytelling, dance and drama to stimulate memories. The people we work with appreciate the company of our young role players and the engaging way in which we entertain them. The workshop aims to be amusing, informal and is enjoyed by all.

Acting skills and performance for people with special needs (a six week course)
We can show your group the skills of being an actor including voice work, improvisation, body language and character creation. Drama and puppetry skills make this all-inclusive course great fun to be part of, with the addition of creating props and choosing music for a performance to share with others.

Conflict Management Course
Using large foam puppets, the participants enact a number of relevant scenarios while reflecting on motivation and outcomes. The puppets provide a safety net which allows both puppeteer and observers to react with honesty to any given situation. This course is ideal for the workplace, but can be adapted to run with any group.