Workshops for 2018

Secondary Education Workshops

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Our interactive workshops include role play, scenario enactment, puppetry and group work to explore a specific text or the facts and feelings behind PSHEE education. The use of drama techniques as tools to examine these difficult issues, allow students to reflect on the consequences of actions with true depth and meaning.

PSHEE workshops
We use a combination of role play, hot seating, monologue creation and improvisation to bring PSHEE to life in these interactive workshops. We highlight the importance of informed choice-making across the PSHEE curriculum. These workshops fit perfectly into activity days and PSHEE lessons, or can be adapted for assemblies. Examples of specific workshops are:
It's Your Decision - personal choices and peer responsibility
Talk to the Hand – friendship building
Friendly Ear – peer mentoring
What’s Next? – presentation skills

The Play’s The Thing
Whether it is a Shakespeare play or a contemporary text, The Hands-On Company can utilise a wide range of interactive drama skills and strategies to explore narrative, characterisation and themes. Tell us your source material and we will create a bespoke event especially for the needs of your students.

Times Of Our Lives
Dementia awareness gives us all an understanding of such a sensitive subject and this is especially important for young people. In this workshop we use group work, an interactive quiz, puppetry, role play, brain activities and lots of fun to take the fear out of dementia. We finish this session with a thought provoking drama and ask the group to help us to make special memories for this character. Puppetry is used in a sensitive and age appropriate manner.

Puppet Making and Manipulation
Please let us know if you need puppets for a particular performance or project. We can bring the relevant resources and expertise to assist you with making your creations and ‘bringing them to life’ effectively. Puppet building helps with confidence and learning new skills. Alternatively, we can make/bring puppets for your group to manipulate.