Workshops for 2018

Primary Education Workshops

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Our interactive workshops include puppetry, role play, scenario enactment and group work to explore storytelling and/or the facts and feelings behind PSHE education. The use of puppetry and drama techniques as tools to examine these issues, allow students to reflect on the consequences of actions with true depth and meaning.

Key Stage 1
The Globetrotter’s Hotpot
As we travel around the world on the flying carpet, we meet a diverse group of puppets who all have a special ingredient to add to our soup. Thank goodness we can all say ‘hello’ to them in their own languages! This is a workshop where we can celebrate the differences and similarities between us.

Mrs Pottytree and her Flying Carpet
This is a puppet storytelling workshop where we can all fly on a magic carpet with our own puppet friend to hold. The story includes dilemma solving, cooperation skills and an exciting adventure. Each group is presented with a Mrs Pottytree book to enjoy after her visit.

The Witchy Tales
An interactive puppetry workshop where developing friendship is the main theme. Fred and Grace puppets can’t resist showing the children just what being a friend really means. The children become part of the story and then create their own short performances about friendship which we share at the end.

Traditional Storytelling
We can use a story that you are already working on, or you can choose from one on our list. Interactive puppetry brings the story to life and helps us to enjoy different ways of understanding the world around us.

Key Stage 2
Storytelling Through Shadows
Diwali, Bonfire night, Christmas celebrations… you tell us your theme and we’ll explore it through shadow puppetry. We like the students to consider how shadow puppets move and include an interactive puppet making section to this workshop.

Impro Into Performance
The use of traditional tales and other relevant text helps us to create puppet performances where puppetry skills and voice work lead to confidence building and plenty of enjoyment. Showing these performances to other children in the school can be a really special event.

Puppet Making and Manipulation
In this workshop, your group will learn the skills they need to make, use and enjoy puppets. We can plan the characteristics we want each puppet to have. We can focus on a particular style of puppet and consider the historical relevance, or we can make a special class puppet for all to enjoy.

Talk To The Hand
This friendship building workshop looks at the positive attributes being a good friend brings to a group. We reflect on the power of peer pressure and why it sometimes goes wrong. Drama techniques including role play, hot seating and improvisation create a safe platform to explore friendship.

Times Of Our Lives
Dementia awareness gives us all an understanding of such a sensitive subject and this is especially important for our children. In this workshop we use group work, an interactive quiz, puppetry, role play memory making, brain activities and lots of fun to take the fear out of dementia.

The Play’s The Thing (for year 4, 5 and 6 only)
Annie is a maid in a large Tudor manor house and begins to panic when it is announced that Queen Elizabeth is due to arrive within the week to stay with her Master and Mistress. Annie recruits the children to take on house-hold chores. Unfortunately a message arrives to inform the house that Mister Shakespeare is unable to perform with his troop – Only Annie and the children can save the day. During the workshop the children will have a sneaky pry into some of the Queen’s belongings, learn an Elizabethan dance and perform a play fit for a queen.

10 Going On 20 (for year 6 only)
This workshop is perfect for the summer term when Year 7 feels very close. Through group discussion and drama techniques, we address the excitement and sometimes anxiety that a big change may mean. We include personal health education, risk taking and decision making - all linked to PSHEE guidelines.