Workshops for 2018

Preschool Workshops

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Our interactive workshops include puppetry, role play, scenario enactment and
group work for entertainment and fun. Reflection on the world around us is actively encouraged!

Mrs Pottytree and her Flying Carpet
This is a puppet storytelling workshop where everyone gets to fly on a magic carpet with their own puppet friend to hold. The story includes dilemma solving, cooperation skills and an exciting adventure suitable for all abilities to enjoy. Each group is presented with a Mrs Pottytree book to look through after her visit.

The Witchy Tales
An interactive puppetry workshop where developing friendship is the main theme. Fred and Grace puppets can’t resist showing the children just what being a friend really means.

Puppet Story Time and Singalong
Puppets are perfect for telling stories – either a story of your choice, or one from our repertoire. The second half of this workshop includes giving each child a puppet to use for action songs and for a cuddle as we quieten down the session with a lullaby.