Here are just some of the testimonials we have received from those who have attended our workshops and bought our puppets.

The feedback from the parents and the children was extremely positive. Both presentations were pitched perfectly. The Manor Prep

Extremely interactive and the children were totally absorbed into the issues covered. Related to age of class (age appropriate). A thoroughly well worth workshop. Crazies Hill School

What a fantastic service, Sammy and his little friend arrived this morning. Sammy is great , I feel sure he will be greatly loved. So glad that I found your website on Google, as I looked at another puppet website but their dogs were not nearly as nice as Sammy. Thanks again. Peter Wessel

I liked how the facilitators had a nice rapport with the children. The activities were fun and engaging. All Saints Junior School

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity for our children. They were engaged and interested throughout and talked about it all week. Several parents commented on their children’s knowledge and understanding of such a difficult topic. Meadow Park Academy

All the actors were incredibly professional, approachable and friendly. The role plays were funny one moment and moving the next, it was wonderful to watch the faces of the students as they observed the action; they were fully absorbed from beginning to end. The students and I really enjoyed having them in school today. Thank you! John O’Gaunt Secondary School

The relevance and the fact that the team were flexible to our requests so that each age group had their direct needs addressed. It was a pleasure to have Hands-On in our school. Melissa, Rory and Mike worked very well together to deliver exactly what we hoped for. The Manor Prep

Thank you for supporting our Living Advent Calendar in Wokingham and for providing us with such great entertainment at Wokingham Library. The audience obviously very much enjoyed your puppetry and it was a wonderful seasonal performance with a great modern twist. Wokingham Town Council

Thank you for a fun and thought-provoking course earlier in the week at the Open Learning Centre. I thought you would like to see Bob the Sock Dog with his new owner (all body parts now glue gunned into place!). You are certainly right about children being naturals – my pre-schoolers had him named and his personality and voice developed by the next morning! Helen Edwards

I can use this in so many ways to improve my work with children, to help with behavioural issues and empower them…. Lots of ideas …Should be more courses like these. Inspirational! Earley Crescent Centre

Visual aspect kept children’s interest. Moving the children around and really fast pace – very engaging activities. Practical examples for children to see how differently their brains work – fantastic. Top quality workshop. Understanding of difference - fantastic. Redlands Primary School

The session provoked many memories among our group and it was lovely to meet the team. We're so pleased and grateful that you were able to secure funding for our session! Gill Stokes, Project Support Worker at YPWD

What did I most like about the workshop? The well-observed drama sections and the input from Casey and Michael, which made what they said very relatable. The whole session was really good and Melissa provided some excellent structure and feedback. Reed’s Independent School

Jo's puppets are a delight! Her puppet-making workshops at the Discover Culture Festival were a major attraction with standing room only and a crowd always waiting to have a go at making a puppet - genuine, creative fun for all ages! Trish Steinhardt

"Fantastic! Will apply this to school shows and Schemes of Work at as many Key Stages as possible."

"Absolutely brilliant! I learned so much that will really help bring learning to life in my school. I have never made a puppet before, but this could now be whole new pastime! Thanks."

"Inspirational and a lovely opportunity to explore."

"Amazing day! Great to discuss different ideas with primary and secondary teachers. Great suggestions for puppet use across KS and curriculum. Thoroughly enjoyed making puppets. Lots of ideas to take back to school. Thanks."

"Great fun! Practical ideas. Feeling inspired."

"Two Stars and a Wish: (*) Absolutely inspiring to listen to and you’ve given me so many ideas to go away with. (*) Fantastic that most of the session was ‘hands on’! And the wish? I don’t have one! This was an amazing day. Thank you!"

"Thank you. I’ve had a fantastic day and learnt so much. I’ll never be so prescriptive again!"

"This was an inspiring course. It would be nice to have a book to underpin some of the making and using techniques as well – a project for the future? Many thanks."

"Thank you Jo I have enjoyed the day and learned loads."

"Thank you! An inspiring day, super ideas and very practical. I shall tell all the staff and use the ideas in my school."

"Thank you for coming to my party. I love my puppet so much. Please can Fred visit me again soon."

"A fantastic day, lots of great ideas to take back to school, thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you very much!"

"A highly enjoyable day, Jo. Many thanks. I would have liked more training on puppetering. It looked effortless when you performed but was much harder when I came to animate the puppet!"

"We got really good feedback from the shows and we'd be very keen for you to do more sessions for us in the future."

"I will definitely try to use the puppet skills to get my son to discuss things that are bothering him. I found it amazing what he was saying with the puppet just during the session."

"To talk about our concerns or happy moments with our ‘new friend’ was the best. It’s like a pet. We love it!"

"I especially liked working together with my daughter to make the puppet. My skills – her imagination."

"We liked making and playing with the puppet, plus the story at the end that the children participated in."

"Thank you Jo for coming to Year Two. The children can talk about nothing else but your puppets! Can we book you again for next term."

"I will think about using a puppet to try and understand why my child may be feeling sad and when they are fighting. We will have some fun with it too."

"Thanks for a brilliant workshop and for making it all look so easy."

"Very inspiring teacher made me want to have a go (I am a beginner) took on importance of developing a full personality for the puppet."

"Loved it all. Very hands on. Met great people."

"Really enjoyed today and has given me so much more confidence to get started using puppets. Loved the idea of adapting soft toys and the demonstrations were great. Shame it wasn’t longer."

"Jo – never thought puppets could be so moving. The large puppet talking about bullying briefly turned my mood from happy to depressed."

"Loved your puppets! Thought you and them were great! Would have loved you to have been my children’s teacher!! (With Charlie of course)!"