What is The Hands-On Company?

The Hands-On Company offers a wide range of workshops.

Sock puppets at Royal Berkshire Hospital
The Hands-On Company is made up of a team of teachers, young actors and puppets, mainly working across Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Cambridgeshire. We all have a passion for discovering how we feel about life through play, curiosity, exploration, reflection and fun.

We bring a wealth of experience and expertise and feel strongly that our work shouldn't use scare tactics or blow things out of proportion. When we research a given topic, we use relevant information for a particular age group. This is a gentle, sometimes poignant, sometimes funny way of seeing life. Everyone has something to offer, everyone is special in their own right and everyone can interact at a level that suits them on that particular day.

We have workshops that explore a range of subjects, and these can be customised to link perfectly with your curriculum or other objectives. Please look through our workshop pages to see what may suit you. There are opportunities to enjoy the magic that drama and puppetry offers – the special quality of a puppet or actor, to entertain and be something memorable. When invited, we bring large puppets to festivals, explore traditional tales, recreate Shakespeare plays, run dementia awareness workshops, provide your social education needs and teach others how to make puppets.

Our puppetry and drama can be tailored for all ages.