Hello 2017

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This holiday time gave us a breathing space to think about the future of The Hands-On Company and what we would like to achieve moving forward.

With the changes going on around us all, it is easy to become bogged down in the details and plans which had me thinking - how can we apply the light-hearted, playful approach of our workshops to our planning? The answer was in fact - easily. All of us play and have played as a child, whatever our external circumstances. Of course a lot of this energy becomes a cerebral activity as we grow older, but we all know how to do it with fun. By playing with our ideas, passions, dreams and desires, we were able to lighten up and discover what is truly important - creating well thought out workshops and puppets which will add value to our customer's lives. A bit generic, but a good starting point!

With Living History taking off, social education moving forward, new puppet styles being created, a two month project on 'change' starting in February and a move of office space, we have plenty to be getting on with. Doing it all with a light heart, genuine care and an aim to add value at all times has given us an extra glow. I hope your new year is also doing the same.