A big welcome to Josh, Becky and Tasha.

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We are feeling very lucky to have them with us at The Hands-On Company this year. They started the term working on the new Times of our Lives workshop. It is going well - so far, 100% positive evaluation from schools and young people. We pride ourselves on creating high quality work across the board, but this one has received particularly fantastic feedback from everyone. Some schools are still not taking us up on the offer of this free workshop which is very frustrating for me! I'm trying to convince them it is a genuine freebie, but they are bombarded with offers that have a catches attached to them at the moment. If they haven't worked with us before, they don't know if we can be trusted I guess! Thank goodness for 'word of mouth' recommendations.

We have also updated our existing workshops to create even more interaction. So far so good, but we will see the true results over the next term when the sex and relationship education really kicks in. Josh wants to call the secondary version, 'Slip It On' but I am unsure if this is wise! We'll see.

'When I'm 64' is a project we are working on with Jodie from Wokingham Learning Disability Partnership Board. We are rehearsing for a performance in March which highlights a celebration of aging. The team are loving this work with Melissa leading the preparations. Cathy and Mandy from Circus Scene are working alongside us which is great fun.

Weekly workshops with Just Around the Corner have also started in Wokingham. This is funded by The Cultural Partnerships and, so far, we have been creating puppets with the group. The idea is to teach puppet making and work on presentation skills at the same time. They are a super group and we are looking forward to being able to sell their creations on the stall they have in Wokingham.

Melissa has enjoyed the added bonus of getting to dress up recently. She was the Head Elf in our Christmas show and is playing a travelling entertainer in our summer festival work. I think we have all enjoyed the added fun of turning ourselves into various characters, but Melissa is the queen of costumes. Watch this space for the fun we are planning over the summer.

Also remember to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages (details on our home page) as we are getting better at putting photos and information on them. In other words, Melissa is looking after the Facebook page and and I'm getting reminders to keep Twitter going. We plan to put films on You Tube too, but only when the role players have a minute to help me with it. Hopefully this will happen soon.

Just to finish, I want to wish all the best to our role players who are auditioning for drama school and university at the moment. It is such an exciting time for our gap-years and we are keeping our fingers crossed for them.