January 2013

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Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come...
We are rehearsing new material after a busy but enjoyable December. The Christmas show went well and we are already discussing what we will do next December. The team are looking forward to more entertainment bookings with our Hands-On Happening 'happening' in March privately and then in May publicly in Wokingham town centre. We are planning on working with Cathy from Circus Scene to develop more puppet booth work, with the expertise of Mandy showing us how it is done. It should be fun.

On a more serious note, our secondary workshops including sex ed, drug awareness and online safety are all rehearsed and ready to go. Our updates have turned these workshops into thought-provoking but also exciting pieces of work. Please contact me if you think this is for your school. We are all very passionate about this work.

Puppet sales were great all over Christmas but I am relieved it has gone quiet in January. I am building up stock and some of the new colours look great. I keep falling in love with the big fluffy dogs and wanting to keep them! I know they will find happy homes so I'm getting them finished for Hare Hatch Craft Fair in February. The dates of future craft fair bookings can be found on the event's page. The requests are coming in so I will add dates throughout the year.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any puppetry, drama or PSHE needs. I'm sure we can help you.