Welcome to The Hands-On Company

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We have just completed two weeks of training and induction for our seven new role players. It has been an enjoyable process including rehearsal, expert training sessions (thanks to all our local experts for sharing your time and expertise), safety and child protection, puppet making and manipulation and of course, plenty of drama.

In the background, The Hands-On Company on-line has been coming together and I am very happy to be fully integrated (Pottytree Puppets and Learning Through Action) by the beginning of this school year. We have added more interaction to all the workshops and injected all our new knowledge where appropriate.

A big welcome goes to Tasha, Sam, Becky, Ellie and Gemma who are joining us this year and a welcome return by Phoebe, Mike and of course Melissa. Melissa is solely responsible for our facebook page and has run some thought-provoking and hilarious workshops for us during training. The team are really looking forward to working together in schools this year.

Claire Turrell has stepped in as a voluntary development manager and has been invaluable at putting our induction booklet together, creating paperwork trails and generally coming up with great ideas. I am hoping that Claire will continue to help us around her other commitments.

Another exciting development is the creation of our Christmas show. This will be the first puppet production run by our team and so far it is looking great. We are including shadow puppetry, the obligatory baddie and lots of fun and song. I can't wait.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to hear more -