February 2011

I took a large van up to Huddersfield at the end of January and filled it up with the remaining puppet stock and materials from Furrylands. Eileen and Trevor Harper have decided to hang up their puppetry threads and enjoy having a home that is not filled with bits of fur material and sacks of puppets. They have kindly passed their designs on to me and I am so excited to be carrying on their great work. I have started off with the more simple designs but so far, so good.

I have a little way to go before I can set up a system for selling puppets on this site and so for now, I will be attending local craft markets and fairs. I will put photos up this weekend and if you like what you see, call me on 01189 034 992 and we can discuss prices, postage etc. I thought it would be a good idea to create an order form to get me going. Eileen and Trevor have been wonderful at passing their knowledge and experience on to me which I really appreciate.

A teacher friend suggested it would be easier for schools if I outlined the costs and details of workshops for 2011 on this site. I am putting it together now and adding curriculum links where appropriate. I hope it will help you truly understand what you are getting for your money. In this climate, everything helps! When I add it, the title will be ‘Workshops and Prices for 2011’ so you know what to look for.

Any feedback concerning this website or any of my work would be much appreciated. You can do so at the link below. Thank you.

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