Highlights of 2009

Pottytree Puppets in 2009

Pottytree Puppets has enjoyed an exciting beginning of this year, including:
  • Interactive storytelling in all the local libraries
  • Puppet making in a number of community houses
  • Puppet shows in both infant and primary schools
  • Speaking at business conferences using puppet networking
  • Anti-bullying workshop with teenagers
  • Teacher training sessions
  • Book sales reaching 300 copies

  • This will also be the year in which Pottytree Puppets became more computer savvy with the introduction of a blog – I’ll let you know when it is ready. I have also introduced a new section to this website where you can read my notes on puppet manipulation and making. I am hoping that people wanting to make and use puppets will find these notes helpful. Of course, nothing beats getting involved in the practical session - you can book one of my training workshops by contacting me here:

    Contact Page

    I have also started a LinkedIn account:

    Jo at LinkedIn

    That said, I am taking things slowly so the puppets can get use to all this new technological activity! I am also hoping to have a YouTube film ready by the end of the year because of public demand for such a thing. The aim is to be funny but informative. It is taking a while to get it filmed but the results should be good.

    The final point of call is at Business In Berkshire:

    Business in Berkshire

    I aim to put news of up and coming events on a more regular bases.

    Pottytree Puppets has plenty of new material to work with. Two new programmes are being designed, more puppet making is happening behind the scenes and a new book is in production.

    A new direction for Pottytree Puppets has come with the arrival of Lisa Dale to the team. She is learning the puppetry ropes in order to be involved in some new work. She is an experienced educational practitioner with a wealth of enthusiasm and talent. Lisa will be involved in a new two person interactive show – more details to follow. You can also see her at a number of festivals this summer:


    Finally Puppets in Business is moving forward with the final tweaks of this workshop being ironed out as you read this. The realisation that adults cause far more damage to these human sized puppets than children ever do, has resulted in the recreation of these designs to withstand heavy-handedness – i.e. more glue! This workshop is designed for young people and adults wanting to explore conflict management and assertiveness through the safety net of puppet role play. So far this programme has been received with great enthusiasm. Have a look at the outline for this workshop here:

    Adult Puppetry Courses

    If you would like any more information on forth coming events or existing programmes, please contact me here:

    Contact Me

    I would really appreciate any feedback you may have about this site, or any of the puppetry you have seen. I do not always remember to ask for evaluation after a workshop or puppetry session. If you have attended something run by Pottytree Puppets and have something to say about the experience, I would love to hear it. Please send it to me via the link above. Alternatively, if you would like to read about what others have said, have a look here:


    I look forward to hearing from you.